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27. Ecuador

The Unexpected and Impulsive Return

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Back in Quito from Colombia... waiting for my flight in a couple of days... Arran hatches his plan to head to the coast tonight and be re-united with Josiah (It is now 10.30pm... he is leaving at about 12).

I am gutted we are going our separate ways after a month of travel together... and even more so that he is going to see Montanita... a place I desperately wanted to see...

At about 11.15, I snap... pack my bags and leave with him! BIG risk... since I can't discuss changing my flights until I arrive in the next big city of Guyaquil at about 9am tomorrow. If I can't change my flights... I will need to be straight back on the bus to get my flight that evening from Quito (another 8 hour ride after doing 8 hours over night).

Eek... double worry... since I only want an extra 5 or 6 days, and last time I did that, I had to take 3 weeks, since the flights to NZ get very full!!!

It's a very long night on the bus!

Those of you who know me... will know that I have a hate for 3 types of music.

1. 80s pop
2. Panpipes
and since I hate it so much... number 3 is also 80s pop

You can imagine my horror... at 1.30 am... as loud as a siren ... for several hours... the driver starts playing his collection of 80s music (all 5 songs)... repeatedly. I can assure you... sweet dreams are not made of these. Especially when one of the 5 songs combines 80s and panpipes... URGH! By far his favourite was "Hes a maniac, maniac, maniac!"... and I think that was true.

I was hating it so much, I devised a list of things I would rather endure than that:

Watch back to back episodes of the crap UK shows "Heartbeat" or the Great? British soap Urine-ation Street. (Those who have ever spent a Sunday evening with me will understand the level of de-test here... those who don't will... with the following things I'd rather do! The level of severity of course increased as time went on:)

  • Swim in a Pool of Vomit
  • Run naked through a pack of lions with only a large juicy steak strapped to my donger
  • Jump from a helicopter over a sharp spear with no parachute or safety harness.

I actually wrote that I would rather be working again, than have to be subjected to this pain... but thought that was a step too far and scrubbed it out!!! :0) Hee hee!

Worth The Pain!

For sure! The risk paid off BIG style! It was meant to be! Apparently, I wasn't even booked onto the flight I was meant to be taking... so I would have been delayed in Quito on my own anyway! Once I got that sorted out, I had the very best final week of South America in the surf town of Montanita... with some great lads!

Surfing by day (the countries best surf), partying by night... even finding time and energy in the mornings to go for a run and swim in the sea! It's amazing what energy the sun and coast brings you!


The view from our room (3.50 GBP per night!) was reasonable too!


As you are accustomed to hearing now... the journey in was interesting... with the driver stopping to repair the engine... which is on the inside of theh bus... and spitting hot oil everywhere!


But, these are the things we are so happy to endure... when we get this at the end of it!


One last stop

Ok... on the way back to Quito, a few days in Guayaquil (Ecuadors biggest city). Hanging out with someone... who seriously confuses me... someone who is really fun, friendly... but also French!? Is that an Oxymoron?

May be I have judged the French too hastily in the past... and will be more open to them in the future!

Talented, multi-lingual French Pauline demonstrating that she is the only person I know with a sweeter tooth than me!


The last supper

Ok, my very dinner before I leave Ecuador and the warm continent of South America for the coldness of New Zealand.
So... what should it be... something traditional....


Guy... aka Guinneypig... OK, I feel mean now because it tasted horrible... so no need to lock up your pets next time I come around!

Next stop.... Santiago, Chile International Airport...

Surfing & Guinneypig eating Bees-Out!

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