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32. New Zealand (Aotearoa)

Kia Ora from the Land of The Long White Cloud

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Don't panic... I am still alive! I did survive the Skydiving... and I am still in the North Island...

It's amazing how time flies when you are having fun... so apologies my hobbits for the delay in updating this blogumentory!!!

There has been so so much happening, I am not sure where to begin...

The weather in Taupo has been poor... the pesky wind is blowing too hard towards the lake for a beginner like me... so I have had to pass the time as best as I can... and ... you know me... what might I do with time on my hands???

Re-invent myself???

This is me and my new identity. I prefer to be called Candice now... I feel much happier.


People like it too.... the ladies:



This officer of the law even Coppered a look (DUDE, SERIOUSLY - GET YOUR EYES OFF... IT'S JUST BALLOONS!)


Hee hee... As if... I couldn't live like that!!! One night looking that hot, gets you too much bitchy attention from the jealous ladies... who'd be a woman!!! Not me!!

Instead, I got talking to the reception staff... practically family now that I have been here so long. So, they kindly agree to put the next set of hot girls that arrive into my room.


I arrive home from not Skydiving to find Hanne, Anne and Maria. Incidentaly they are from Norway and Sweden. Sharing a room with Scandanavians.... hmmn... :-)

It was not long before they begged me to party with them (Ok, I've never promised honesty in this blog... sometimes there is some Bull....)


Although, for the records, I did kindly oblige the party invite!!!


We also found some time for the Tongoriro crosing....
(Thankfully I didn't meet Gollum at Mount Doom again... I think he is sill doing the hot dance in the bar we left him at...)


To my delight... (without any persuasion here)... I discovered that there are more people in the world who do crazy dances for fun....

Not quite the Chicken....

But, the Duck Dance... with words...

I love this dance!!! I love the fact that there are other crazy people like me about!!! (I mean that in a good way!)

After the crossing, we spent a few days in the wilderness of RiverValley.... (Erm, it was inventively called RiverValley... since it was literally a valley with a ...wait for it... with a river in it!) where it was really nice place for some country persuits...


Soon after, it was time for me to push off and for them to head South...


It was a real shame our time together was so short - because they were absolute stars: :-)


But shortly after, back in Taupo... I fortunately met the second celebrity of the trip...

BORAT!!! What an amazing dude!



Unfortunately, after much persuasion... I could NOT stop him following his destiny to become an accountant in ISRAEL. (Sadly, he'll have to spend over 5 years studying... erm, and dodging bombs...)
Good luck Alon (Borat) ... It'll be worth every second of your investment and no one will ever make fun of you!)

One important thing to remember Borat...

What's the difference between a Rhino and an accountant?
One has a small brain and charges a lot. The other is a Rhino!

Translation for accountant: Debit Smile, Credit me the joke teller

Still in Taupo

Since the weather sucks (this time the wind is now blowing too hard towards the trees for a beginner like me!) - I took a few more days away... this time to 'Road To Ruin' or 'RotaVegas'... aka Rotarua

Anyone who has been there will tell you that the place smells as bad as sharing a lift with someone on a Brocolli diet... kind of like Egg sarnies that have been left in a plastic container in the sun for 4 days...

But, ignoring the smell.... its a wonderfully cultural place...


the only race on earth that greet you with aggression, spitting, tongue poking and bulging eyes... not to mention tattoo's on the face and sticks in hand...

Actually, it is not overly dis-similiar to to entering my local in Bristol... :-)

Although, at least there, they don't insist on greeting you by rubbing noses whilst wearing a skirt!
(How do you say no to him when he still has that spear in hand?)


All joking aside - getting a small (albeit touristy) glimps into the rich history of the Maori culture was inspiring.
Their values were ones I personally connect with... pride, passion, enthusiasm.

The greatest thing in this world are people, people, people.

And... importantly, they knew how to cook up a decent feast! Even if it was slowly cooked under the ground on hot rocks. i.e. using an earth oven (Hangi)which is naturally heated by the geothermal heat in the area. No oven!

And... back to Taupo!

Taupo... the wind again is not my friend. It's not blowing the lake or trees but instead it is blowing my time budget. Enough encouragement to move on with gust-o to Nelson... the place in NZ with the best sunshine and also a drop zone (DZ)... so I am orf... via Wellington where my friends Andrews and Poustie still are!!!!

Cross dressing, horse riding, Not Skydiving and well behind on blogging - Bees-Out

p.s. Thank you to all the awesome people at Taupo Tandem Skydiving for being so awesome!
May I wish you all blue skies and winds that are just light westerly BrEESIES!

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