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It's time to get this blog back on the road. And, I am dead excited since that road continues in Wellington - before we hop over to the South Island of New Zealand!

Now, I am aware that I am about 9 months behind... and I have a lot to share with you - since a lot can and will happen in 9 months:


He's very cute isn't he! A typical Bees boy! :-)

As my first nephew, I'm thrilled to bits and can not wait to meet him in person.
Marc and Vikki - I am so proud.

Final Weekend in North Island.

For me, it will be remembered as a crazy farewell to the north Island.
For Carrie, it will only be remembered when Liz & I remind her!!! :-)

That weekend, I met the awesome 'T-Dawg' <Pssh!>... and an interesting lady from Dunedin:


She very quickly and openly told me that she wanted chocolate and me. (I am not sure there was anything sexual implied... I think she was feeling a little hungry. Tristan & I exited the bar very quickly in fear of my life).

Then there was the Thai and the Butan... Tida and Melissa. Thankfully, they were just thirsty and great fun to dance with.


From here... we are 'Going Down' to the South Island...


After a few days of falling out of aircraft in Motueka, we arrived in style


At the spectacular national park of:


From here, we zig-zagged across the country... taking in an All Blacks game in Christchurch:



Being dressed like this and sat amongst Kiwi fans, whilst your team is getting SMASHED by the All Blacks is not fun! There is no where to hide. And, even if there was... they wouldn't let you!

After that, there were the hot springs in Hamner, and the Pancake Rocks (with complimentary blow holes!) in Punakaiki:


That was before getting snowed in at Arthur's pass.



And, how might a BIG kid pass his time whilst being snowed in???
With a little help from some friends of course:


And coercing people into a snowball fight:


Once we escaped the fun snow filled incarceration on the mountain... we celebrated our freedom by hiking a Glacier in Franz Josef.


Spent some time in a Puzzling place:



After that we arrived for a much longer stay in the awesome place that is Queenstown...
Which... my friends, deserves at least one blog entry to itself!

Catch you very soon,
Glacier Climbing, Snowball Fighting, Speed boat riding, Bees -Out!

PS The beer drinkers amongst you might enjoy this drink that I found in a off licence called:
Beaver Liquor:

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